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Yoga is thought to be about 5000 years old.  Physical therapy as a profession is approximately 100 years old, beginning shortly after the end of World War I.   With the advent of the polio epidemic and World War II, the need for physical therapists soared and the profession became a sought after career for many men and women.  My own exploration of yoga began about 15 years into my career as a physical therapist and has informed my practice ever since.  Ancient yogic texts speak to things our modern scientific research is just now finding to be meaningful.


Yoga's attention to alignment, breathing, sequencing, philosophy, and meditation serve people in need of rehabilitation as well as healthy people seeking overall wellness.  I can honestly say that I am a better physical therapist because of my yoga practice and teaching.  

Utilizing my knowledge and understanding of anatomy, healing, illness and differential diagnosis affords me the confidence to work with anyone interested in integrating yoga into their life and rehabilitation.  Yoga can be incorporated into a traditional physical therapy session if appropriate, taught individually or in small groups.  

For more information on yoga please feel free to visit my website dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga.

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